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Superior Indoor Comfort was founded in the spring of 1993 by business partners and lifelong friends Carlin Hodges and Allen “Andy” Daniel. Their collective roots ran deep into the local HVAC industry dating back to the 60’s. Carlin and Andy’s commitment to business the old-fashioned way were integrity and commitment to customer service is the rule was the platform with which Superior was built.

Through the decades that followed Superior’s customers have received localized service that is fast becoming the exception due to “Big Box” companies’ reach into our industry.  With the passing of Andy in 2018 and Carlin’s retirement in 2021 we wish to say THANK YOU for a job well done building a company we can all be proud of.

About Superior Indoor Comfort, Inc. in Alpharetta, GA
Carlin Hodges | Superior Indoor Comfort, Inc., Alpharetta GA

Troy Hodges

Troy Hodges is the son of Carlin and the nephew of Andy. He has been working in the HVAC industry since he was 13 years old. His experience runs the gamut over 33 years from sweeping up the warehouse, installing new construction residential and small commercial jobs, to managing a satellite branch from 2004 until 2020  for Superior Indoor Comfort. Troy earned his Conditioned Air license in March of 2005. 

Troy oversees the new construction side of Superiors’ day to day operations. Specializing in design and installation strategies to adapt to constant code and energy requirements to service our numerous builders throughout the Atlanta area.

Blessed to be handed down the work ethics of his father and uncle over the last 3 decades at Superior. Troy is serving as President and owner alongside Marc Rainwater to further Superiors’ commitment of providing local honest service in the HVAC industry

Troy Hodges | Superior Indoor Comfort, Inc., Alpharetta GA

Marc Rainwater

Marc Rainwater began his HVAC career in 1987. A native Atlantan, Marc’s background includes a bachelor’s degree from The University of South Florida’s College of Business Administration followed by successfully completing HVAC training at Tampa Bay Technical.

Marc spent the early part of his career as the sales manager of a HVAC company specializing in high efficiency system sales. With that he also spent several years as the regional manager of the nation’s largest HVAC retailer. In addition to his contracting experience, he spent two successful decades on the manufacturer/wholesale side of the HVAC industry receiving informative industry specific training.  

Serving as Vice President and owner, Marc is in lockstep with Troy in sharing the values of the founding partners.

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